Saturday, 7 January 2012

Episode 4 Pre amble

So its the day after another 7TV game. Not got around to writing thestory as yet but was a intresting game. I clearly had underestermated the power of the Vehicle I had. the sheer amount of firepower needed to knock it or the ocupants out is staggering. It says a lot that the game was completed without sheeding a single wound or damage.

Basicly I had to assult Pauls postion where he was fortified. A use of a card allowed me to remove a bunker giving acess for my X-track (The Astrovan). Several lucky rollswith the bazooka ment that i soon stripped him of his main character, and in the end I eliminated all but two of his force. A good game on paper for me, yet I dont feel its the sort of game id want to repet too often, as it was not the most exciting.

Anyway, four played, one lost, three won. Andys ninjas to come plus the sunday frag fest.

But various bits and bobs of plot coming soon, and some new models...

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